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Founded in 2011, WCPMedia Services is a Swiss based software and services company, committed to serve uniquely the Media & Entertainment industry. WCP has developed and patented a web based platform that provides an innovative solution to manage the digital supply chain of any media content across all its life cycle, supporting collaboration and material exchange across any industry professionals, from production to promotion, distribution and ingest.

We offer a platform of smart process applications that combines proprietary software with top-tier solutions developed by proven and trusted technology companies.

Indeed our business model is to identify and collaborate with the best and most innovative companies in order to provide our customers the leading edge solutions and applications under a unique, accessible and easy to use environment, avoiding the cumbersome efforts and costs for adoption and integration.

We have offices in Switzerland, United States, Canada.


Our commitment to the highest standards of security and service continuity has pushed us to embrace trusted and certified partners and facilities, while being recognized by companies such as Disney and UK DPP.

  • ISO 9001, ISO 27000 and PCS-DSS certified

    The Swiss Data Center that hosts and runs all WCP application and hat provides the private could storage service is ISO 9001, ISO 27000 and PCS-DSS certified. This Data center is also designed according with the FINMA swiss regulation for the Bank data outsourcing.

  • UK DPP

    WCP has obtained, among the first few global companies, the UK DPP “Committed to security” program award for both the “Production” and “Brodacast” activities.

  • Disney

    WCP has been certified by Disney as Level-2 security provider.

  • ISO 27000 certification

    WCP is working with a primary international certification leader to obtain the ISO 27000 certification, due in Q1 2018.

DPP security approved

WCPMedia Services' Team

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Our management team has significant global experience in project management, application development, IT and entertainment through senior-level positions at Accenture, IBM, Disney, NBC-Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Grass Valley, Moviola.

The product management and commercial team has over 150 man-years experience in the audiovisual industry.

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Cristina Molinari

Team photo

Giovanni Contri

VP Operations
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Paolo Raimondo

Business Advisor
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Kenneth Yas

Managing Director - Americas
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Ronald Thomson

Managing Director Global Business
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Peter Wetherell

Senior Advisor