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Content creation and worldwide distribution volumes are increasing; material exchange is more and more global, involving small and studio size content providers. Workloads have become cumbersome and time-consuming.

Checking, controlling, ingesting, and finally formatting content based on internal technical guidelines is often a complex, unsecured and difficult to control process. And it comes with mistakes, recycling and endless unstructured communication among the different parties before having the content ready for transmission or VOD.

International broadcasters and networks are looking for solutions to automate and manage content ingest as efficiently as possible.

Discover how WCPMedia Services platform can become your preferred gateway for the receipt of digital video files from producers, sellers and distributors around the world — in a unique and consistent manner — protecting your internal systems and workflows and minimizing IT additional investments.


Receive and ingest digital video

WCPMedia Services platform can become your preferred gateway to receive and ingest digital video files from producers and sellers around the world in a unique and consistent flow. We provide your supplier the best solution to send you their content. You receive contents enriched with metadata, matching your specs and ready to enter your workflows.

Broadcast Ingest
Broadcast archive

Media asset management

The heart of the solution for networks and broadcasters

The increasing volume of content makes the task of processing programming for playout and VOD every day increasingly difficult. WCP’s MAM is specifically designed to store, describe and retrieve any kind of content in a secure and flexible way: video files, audio tracks, pictures, documents.

Quality control

QC of your content based to your technical specifications

WCP can automatically QC your incoming content based to your required profile and your predefined technical specs. These quality control reports are made available to your designated department to decide how to handle warnings and errors.

User management

User management

Assign users to a very custom profile

WCP offers a professional and easy to use user management system where you can create few or unlimited number of users, each assigned to a predefined or to a very custom user profile to assign rules and drive security.

File transfer

Secure and ultra-fast file transfer

We’re too familiar with the issues involved in moving small and huge master files, when the connection is difficult because of low bandwidth and poor stability. So we provide you with the best technology having integrated leading market software into the WCP.

High speed video transfer
Video cloud storage

Private cloud storage

High-performance storage center

With WCP platform you’re also protecting your most valuable assets in a Swiss secure Data Center - with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certification - designed in accordance with the Swiss Regulation for Banking Outsourcing (FINMA).