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International TV Distributor Electus selects WCP Media Services for cloud based international delivery of television content.

Promotion & Distribution

Project requirements

Entertainment studio Electus, producers of such television shows as Style By Jury, Wake Up Call and House of DV distributes to broadcasters all over the world.

Electus had been evaluating digital asset management systems for several years as the industry has been moving away from the tape-based delivery of television shows in favor of digital, file-based modes of delivery.

“A digital asset management system has to perform exceptionally well in a number of key areas,”

explained Electus International Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Brad Jorgensen.

“It has to be very efficient, technically accurate and easy to use for us to ask our clients to use it.”

WCPMedia Services’ role

Through intensive evaluation, the current version of WCP Web App met Electus’s performance requirements and through the initial roll out to clients, the system has functioned flawlessly.

Electus is using the system as an all-in-one solution for managing digital assets, including television shows, marketing material and other content, and delivering them to international customers according to their individual timetables and specifications. International Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Brad Jorgensen said the system is enabling the faster delivery of content with fewer errors while reducing costs.

Trust is our most important business asset,” he said. “When we deliver broadcast media, it has to be right. If you miss an air date, it costs money. Our clients are very pleased with their experience with WCP. There have been no problems.”