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WCPMedia Services Helps FICTS Manage Submissions to 2016 World FICTS Challenge

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Recognized by the International Olympics Committee, the FICTS Festivals are a circuit of 19 sports media festivals held in cities around the globe. The festival showcases work from sports broadcasters, producers, advertising agencies, national Olympics committees, sports federations and others involved in sports media. Competitive categories include Documentaries, Cinema, Television & New Technologies, Sports Advertising, Sport & Society, Football in Cinema and Television, and Olympic Spirit or Values.

FICTS President Franco Ascani says:

“Our object is to make these events as accessible as possible, therefore all the events are free,” “While events in each of our host cities are locally organized, FICTS is responsible for overall project management and coordination.”

WCPMedia Services’ role

FICTS has selected WCPMedia Services’ cloud based digital asset management platform WCPApp to receive, manage, store and distribute submissions to its FICTS Festivals and World FICTS Challenge WCPMedia’s WCP Web platform provides an efficient, fast and reliable way to manage submissions and other catalog content.

It is a solution for digital asset management in cloud architecture with reliable transcoding and security on par with Swiss banking systems. The platform allows assets related to each festival to be stored in its own account.

It is possible to share content between festivals and to make content accessible to all participants through virtual screening rooms.