The easy way to manage festival submissions, users and assets

Festivals grow digitally on a global scale

With WCP you can easily manage your event: following Festival registration your participants will use WCP to upload their contents directly into your MAM; you can then organize, manage and publish them using WCP secure video Screening Rooms; so your Juries and buyers can stream and evaluate contents at their convenience on any device.


All the festival submission activities are tracked

The festival team has control over submissions, delays, mistakes. WCP can be easily integrated with the Festival registration system to automatically generate specific user profiles for participants.

festival programming
User management

User management

Assign users to a very custom profile

WCP offers a professional and easy to use user management system where you can create an unlimited number of users, each assigned to a predefined or custom user profile to assign rules and drive security.

Media asset management

Integrated with your festival’s entry form

Participants, producers, sellers will easily use WCP to upload their screeners, master files, DCPs and any other additional material. Your festival organization team will find any title directly into your WCP Media Asset Management, without any cumbersome activity.

festival archive
Screening room for festivals

Screening room

Define your festival and market unique catalogs

Now that you've received all contents, configure with few clicks your specific catalogues and make them available to your juries, your buyers, your participants on WCP Screening Room, and collect statistics on their access and views.

File transfer

Secure and ultra-fast file transfer

We are all too familiar with the technical issues involved in transferring and moving small and big files (100 GB or more), so we provide you with the best technology and we’ve integrated leading market software into the WCPApp.

High speed video transfer