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Istituto Luce Cinecittà selects WCP cloud platform to promote its historic film catalog globally

The film catalog features hundreds of films including classics from directors such as Ettore Scola, Ermanno Olmi and Mario Monicelli.

Rome — Italy’s historic Istituto Luce–Cinecittà has selected WCPMedia Services to manage its massive catalog of Italian feature films and documentaries. The state-owned film producer, distributor and archive will use WCPMedia’s cloud-based platform to market, sell and distribute films to buyers worldwide. The catalog features hundreds of films including classics from directors such as Ettore Scola, Ermanno Olmi and Mario Monicelli, as well as historic documentaries and contemporary work from emerging filmmakers.

Istituto Luce–Cinecittà selected WCPMedia after a careful analysis and comparison, and has adopted it as an end-to-end media management solution. The platform-as-a-service has many unique features for storing, managing and delivering film content, quickly and securely. It also offers specialized marketing tools, including virtual screening rooms, that can be personalized for individual clients and allow buyers to preview high-quality content from virtually any device.

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“Taking into account the very high historic and economic value of our assets, we were looking for a straighforward environment for the management of digital content that would allow us to market and deliver assets in a very secure, controlled and efficient way,” says Simona Agnoli, Istituto Luce–Cinecittà, Sales and Business Development Manager. “WCPMedia will help us make our commercial effort much more competitive and effective.”

WCPMedia is the most sophisticated cloud-based platform developed exclusively for managing film and television content.

“We feature a pool of integrated technological tools that address the complexities of digital distribution in a way that is easy and accessible to any player in the digital supply chain,” notes Giovanni Contri, WCPMedia Services VP and Chief Operating Officer. “We’re very proud to support Intituto Luce Cinecittà in the monetization of its unsurpassed collection of classic Italian features. They are brilliant jewels and landmarks of the global motion picture industry.”
Istituto Luce - Cinecittà

Founded in 1924, Istituto Luce is the world’s oldest producer and archive devoted to educational films. In 2017, the organization acquired Cinecittà Studios, where Ben Hur and many other classic films were produced, including its sprawling studio complex located on the outskirts of Rome.