Media asset management

Store and protect you assets

The WCP platform describe and classify all your media content with technical and editorial metadata in a database equipped with multiple search tools. Our automatic MediaInfo system scans your file and populates all the content metadata (i.e. file size, aspect ratio, scan type, wrapper, image size. With its IMDB reference feature, WCP can automatically retrieve and populate editorial metadata to the relevant film in each content record.

If you need to manage several content versions, our data structure is designed to accommodate specific data for each file version (i.e. language, parental control).

You can upload and link collateral content (i.e. generic folders, pictures, images, text, trailers, separate audio tracks, XML) each with its own unique metadata.

We also automatically create proxy screeners for immediate screening by selected recipients.

Collateral file format

Finally our media asset management system has another unique feature: the automatic creation of the content proxy screener, immediately available for streaming for you, your team and also to be shared with your customers and partners.

As result all content/collateral items can be searched for and retrieved using a flexible search interface based on both key functional and technical attributes: all your assets ready for your business.

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