Dailies Management

Share your materials

Thanks to WCP’s Media Asset Management, you can easily organize your daily material in a structure that follows your production schedule. If needed every time you upload a video or audio onto the platform, a low res proxy is automatically created for you, also with watermark. So you and your team will always be able to view and stream any content directly from your WCP account, with no need to download.

Dailies format
Dailies files format production

Screening room

WCP’s Screening Room then provides you with a flexible tool to create and publish an unlimited number of specific catalogs, to share your assets with director, producers, editorial, and eventually promote them with buyers and press.

All in a secure and protected environment that keeps you in full control with detailed statistics about accesses, views and downloads.

You know what? Why limit yourself to dailies while you can also share assembled scenes, rough cuts and finished edits.

WCP’s Screening Room has been used on theatrical and tv show projects, from day one of production to targeted screening of finished product.