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Suburra (Cattleya)

Thanks to WCPMedia Services production and editorial had continuous access to production media and dailies.

Production & Post

Project requirements

Based on 2015 feature with the same title, has been shot in Rome and its seaside. Produced by Cattleya.

Dailies, production assets and finished episodes, were exchanged among production partners (e.g. editors, visual effects providers, producers) both in Italy and throught Europe and US.

WCPMedia Services’ role

Thanks to WCPMedia Services, producers and other stakeholders were able to review dailies media via password-secure Virtual Screening Rooms.

All the post production activities gained access to WCP as well, and benefitted from a unique getaway to exchange materials in highly controlled and secure way among dubbing directors and facilities, vfx houses, sound designers and music composer, to final grade.

Finished episodes were shared as well for producers and additional activities (ie close captioning). The result was significant time and cost savings, and improved security over the delivery of physical assets.