Private cloud storage

High-performance storage center

With WCP you’re also protecting your most valuable assets in a Tier IV Swiss Data Center - with ISO9001, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certification - designed in accordance with the Swiss Regulation for Banking Outsourcing (FINMA).

Your media assets are managed using disk mirroring and a continuous incremental backup policy to a secondary twin Swiss Data Center site to ensure utmost safety and security in case of a disaster. Our main center is directly connected to a European fiber link to provide the best, fastest and most stable network connection.

You can also use our PUSH technology to directly send files to your broadcast or network partner’s Aspera server.

Video cloud storage
Video online storage

Your assets always online

By using our platform to manage your assets, you are always in the ideal position of having them always available online and at your fingertips. It means you can access and share content within your organization and with your trusted partners, under your security policies and keeping full log and control of who is accessing your account.