Video delivery

Global digital delivery

Now that you sold your content, you have to efficiently deliver it, avoiding cumbersome activities, but monitoring that your customer receives exactly what you promised. With your master files already stored in our cloud, you can experience the most effective way to deliver your assets and collaterals, thanks to the efficiency in retrieving and selecting the files you’re looking from the MAM. WCP leverages configurable workflows that includes automatic notifications, the selection of the preferred delivery methods (i.e. PUSH vs PULL) a customer acceptance option and automatic transcoding of your files exactly to the required specs from a suite of best-of-breed file format and frame rate conversion technologies.

The automatic video transcoding embedded into our digital delivery capability is what really makes WCP beneficial. We’ve invested years to give you a unique ability to command the content to be delivered transcoded in the video format required by your customer. And all it takes is just a few clicks.

Once again our system will prompt and guide you, as well as your customer, through the few steps until the content is delivered. All this under your full control until the file touch the ground at your customer server.