Receive and deliver, mezzanine and transcoded files, soundtracks, dialogue tracks and ad-pub material

Promote your catalog and deliver your content to media companies and broadcasters worldwide. Receive and deliver, mezzanine and transcoded files, DM&E tracks and ad-pub material.

Services for promotion & distribution

Our mission is to make available to our clients the best technology and know-how, and take the digital distribution promise to the next level. We want sales agents and international distributors get the most out of our PaaS technology and see their business grow digitally on a global scale, simplifying the process and saving money. Our cloud architecture is bank-level secure; we offer a robust digital media asset management system; we integrate trusted engines for automatic transcoding and QC.

You can manage any kind of digital asset in our data base (master, mezzanine and proxies) in any format and codec together with associated collateral for worldwide delivery.

Media asset management

Store and protect you assets

While our cloud securely store and protect you assets, WCPMedia Services MAM is the powerful tool to describe and classify all your media content with technical and editorial metadata.

Distributor archive
festival Market

Screening room

View and stream any content

With WCP Screening Room you and your guests can view and stream any content, without downloading, directly from your account. Anytime and from any device.


Global digital delivery

Once your content is in our cloud, you can customize, deliver and monitor the progress of master or screener versions to any of your recipients.


Transcode and QC

Automatic transcode and quality control

WCP internal transcoding and QC farm (Telestream’s Vantage and VidChecker, Snell’s Alchemist, Harmonic’s ProMediaCarbon, FFMPEG) converts your master content through pre-specified templates.

File transfer

Secure and ultra-fast file transfer

We’re too familiar with the issues involved in moving small and huge master files, when the connection is difficult because of low bandwidth and poor stability. So we provide you with the best technology having integrated leading market software into the WCP.

High speed video transfer
Video cloud storage

Private cloud storage

High-performance storage center

With WCP platform you're also protecting your most valuable assets in a Tier IV Swiss Data Center - with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certification - designed in accordance with the Swiss Regulation for Banking Outsourcing (FINMA).