File transfer

Secure and ultra-fast file transfer

We are all too familiar with the technical issues involved in transferring and moving big files (100 GB or more) or when the connection is difficult because of low bandwidth and poor stability.

We provide our customers with the best file transfer technology integrating the leading market software into the WCP. Thanks to our partnership with Aspera and Signiant, you and your commercial partners can use their cutting edge products directly from our platform to manage any file transfer whenever and wherever you need them, 24/7. We’ve embedded these software tools so they are available - directly and seamlessly - on our WCP platform.

Moreover with WCP you can also use our PUSH technology to directly send files to your partner Aspera server, as often required by major Broadcasters and Networks, without depending on other expensive service providers.

High speed video transfer

Highspeed transfer

We do not set limits on file size or bandwidth connection, and you do not have to bear upfront investments in infrastructure, licenses or maintenance for your maximum flexibility. Our UDP based technology provides you with high transfer speed, low latency, connection stability, consistency control and maximum security through encryption.

fast delivery
Time to deliver
(50GB @100 Mbps)

Industry professionals transfer files daily with WCP from all corners of the globe, sometimes supported by strong connections, other times in difficult conditions, they’ve been moving TB’s worth of DCP’s, DPX’s, masters and raw files. Always successfully.