Receive and ingest digital video

By using WCP, your content providers will leverage WCP embedded leading technologies for secure and ultra-fast file transfer (Aspera, Signiant) to send you their assets; contents will be automatically enriched by WCP with technical and editorial metadata, with no manual intervention. When required, your content can be automatically transcoded according to your specs and processed through our automated QC program.

You can decide to block non-compliant contents at the gate and require the provider to amend and resubmit.


A High-Level Workflow for Networks & Broadcasters

Your internal departments (i.e. media asset manager, traffic and channel professionals) will have immediate access to a low-res proxy for streaming, all the metadata and other materials (i.e. DCPs, ads, trailers, pictures, audio tracks). In case your content requires localization, WCP can also play as your collaboration platform to make these files immediately available for a round-trip between you and your service providers.


Your IT department can maintain and protect your internal systems and workflows minimizing the need for human intervention to identify and correct inconsistencies. As result you will avoid additional capital investments because your internal systems will work only on accepted materials.

WCP offers a central platform where every industry player can receive and manage assets. We cover the technological, temporal and physical distance between you and your business partners.

Broadcasters and Networks can get the most out of cloud and SaaS technology, simplifying their processes, saving money and absorbing peaks.