Transcoding engine

Automatic transcode video with quality control

Today, Networks and Broadcasters publish their internal technical specification requirements and then rely on content providers technical capabilities to deliver files matching the specs.

Content providers/Distributors usually depends from their laboratories that manage their content files and perform any video transcoding and QC before handling the delivery. This process is far from optimal, registering delays, errors during communication, many inconsistencies that finally results in discussions with the receiving Broadcaster/ Network. Often with rejects, reworks and extracosts.

The automatic video transcoding and digital delivery capability is what really makes WCP beneficial. We’ve invested years to give you the unique ability to control the content you want to deliver, chosing the video format specs required by your specific customer. And all it takes is just a few clicks. We prepare for you any video transcoding profile, according to your recipient technical specifications. From then on, every time you ask WCP to deliver transcoded content using this profile, you only have to select the title and the transcoding profile. WCP will do the job for you automatically: leveraging WCP internal transcoding and QC farm (with Telestream’s Vantage and VidChecker, Snell’s Alchemist, Harmonic’s ProMediaCarbon, FFMPEG) your master content will go throurgh different WFs to consistently prepare the right version you’re asking for, always consistently.

Transcoding services